I would like to create an account. How can I set up an account?
If you wish to join the Swap N Sell community please Click Here to create an account.

I want to exchange item’s but it wont let me. How can I exchange items?
The only way you can exchange item’s is for you to list item’s for sale/bid here on Swap N Sell. Once you have an active listing you can then offer this listing as part of an exchange.

I am sceptical about using Marketplaces. How does Swap N Sell protect me as a buyer?
We understand that marketplaces can be scary especially for first time buyers. To ease your mind you can avail of our Facilitation Service on a subscription basis or a pay as you go basis. By doing this we ensure that you our protected as every item you purchase will first be sent to Swap N Sell to ensure it is exactly as advertised. Secondly and most importantly, we will place a hold on your payment and not release the funds to the merchant until your item has been reviewed by our facilitation team. This ensures that if anything goes wrong you are protected and will receive a speedy refund.

I have just placed a bid for the wrong amount. Can I cancel a bid or cancel an exchange request?
Mistakes happen and we understand that here at Swap N Sell. To cancel a bid you recently placed or an exchange offer that you no longer want accepted click the My Account button in the top right corner of your screen. Sign into your account and using the My Bids tab you will be able to cancel any of your active bids or exchange requests.

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