I am struggling to list a product on Swap N Sell. How do I list a product?
If you wish to list an item for sale or for bid. Sign into your account and under My Products you will see a Add New Button.

I want to list an item for sale, why are there two options when listing an item?
We embrace change here at Swap N Sell. If you wish you can list an item For Sale which means that this item must be purchased at a Buy It Now price. In our eyes this is a traditional transaction. If you embrace change like us then you can list an item For Bid which means users can offer you cash amounts or exchange requests instead of just buying it at the listed buy it now price.

I have been notified that someone purchased my item, why have I not received the payment?
All payments are initially sent to Swap N Sell before they are released to your PayPal account. Payments will be released once proof of delivery is provided or when the buyer confirms receipt of the item. If tracking cannot be provided or the buyer does not confirm receipt of the item, Swap N Sell will automatically release the payment after 30 days.

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