Protection on our platform.


How PayPal protects our buyers.

When buyers pay using PayPal on our platform, they will be protected in the scenario that the item they purchased does not arrive or if the item arrives but it’s significantly not as described.

You can report your problem through the PayPal Resolution Centre or by contacting PayPal on 0800 358 9448.


How Swap N Sell protects our sellers.

If a buyer opens a case via PayPal that case will be against Swap N Sell and not directly with the seller. However the seller will be responsible in assisting us with the case. Tracking is an essential part our process and payments will initially be held until tracking is provided by the seller. We also require a copy of the receipt which will display a partial amount of the shipping address. Provided that both these items are required and the tracking reflects a delivery we can ensure that you will be protected.

There should be no scenario where a refund is issued without the item first being returned. Swap N Sell will arrange the return of all items and we will also carry out an internal review of each item. If the item is in good standing then the item will be relisted for sale on the Swap N Sell website. If their is an issue with the item then Swap N Sell will contact the seller directly. .

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